Yej2 Series Brake Motor, AC Motor, Three Phase Electric Motor

Y2EJ Series Brake Motor, AC Motor, 3 Stage CZPT Motor

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YEJ sequence DC brake, made in accordance to IEC regular, are totally-Enclosed, enthusiast-cooled, squirrel-cage 3-stage Asynchronous Motors with further electromagnetic brake disc DC immediate present.

YEJ collection motor largely utilize to cease speedily, actual orientation, recipocating, fraquently begin, anti-sliding, such as lift equipment, transportation equipment, shade packing machinery, foodstuff machinery, comstruction machinery, carpenter machinery, forging equipment etc.

Operating Conditions:

Ambient temperature: -15senti degree≤ 0≤ 40 senti diploma
Altitude: Not exceeding 1000 meters
Rated voltage: 380V, 400V, 415V
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Insulation course: Course B / F
Y CZPTt-link for 3KW and beneath
Delta-connection for 4KW or a lot more
Obligation / Ranking: Ongoing(S1)

Voltage for brake: DC 99V for motors up to H100
DC170V for motors H112 and up

Yej2 Series Brake Motor, AC Motor, Three Phase Electric Motor