Small Flange Mounted Gear Motor with DC Brake

Little Flange Mounted Equipment Motor with DC Brake

CZPT knowledge of geared motor:
1…Ratio variety: five-264
two. Input electrical power: .eighteen-160KW
3. Output speed: .09~832 r/min
4. Allow torque rang: ≤18000 N. M
five. Composition mode: Normal solid shaft, foot-mount, flange-mount, double shaft

one. Great CZPT capacity & trustworthiness
2. Excellent temperature exchange ability & higher strengthens
three. Carburized and grinded tooth
4. Excellent fabricate ability, can be fabricated with other reducer to recognize minimal-speed transmission

 ratio assortment five:1 to 264:1 
 input electrical power  0.18kw to 160kw
 voltage  220V/380V/400V/440V
 frequency  50Hz / 60Hz
 output pace  0.09rpm to 382rpm

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These functions enable a trustworthy and protected service life of in excess of 200 000 operational several hours. 

Our clients have been placing their have faith in in SGR equipment models because 1997. Much more than five hundred 000 equipment units of our gearbox are in use reliably close to the entire world, in a lot of cases beneath really harsh problems.


Small Flange Mounted Gear Motor with DC Brake