Milk Cream Skimming Separator with High Efficiency

CZPT Separator is the biggest manufacturer of disc centrifuge in China, since 1954.

The SKSD sequence disc separators have been sepeially created for the separation of the whey and of the buttermilk from dairy creation, and are developed for the tiny and medium size dairy industries.

Max. Capability: 25000 L/h

Model Capability(L) Weight(kg) Marks
SKSD50 5000 1400  
SKSD100 10000 1500  
SKSD200 20000 3200  

Application spot:
* Warm milk separation
* Cold milk separation
* Whey separation
* Buttermilk separation
* Milk and whey clarification
* Milk standardisation

This series centrifuge arrive full with control unit, electric powered motor, inlet and outlet gadgets, established of erosion-protecting components, illuminated sight glass box for mild stage outlet, vibration switch, base plate, set of equipment and regular established of spares

Good quality promise
one. Separator produced in compliance with high quality guaranteen program of CZPT-2000.
two. The Vendor shall assure that the separator created in compliance with good quality guarantee standard of JB/T8103-2005.
3. The promise interval shall be one year counted from the day on which the commodity comes at the port of location.

CZPT Separator——The top disc separator manufacturer in China.


Milk Cream Skimming Separator with High Efficiency