Ie2 Ie3 High Efficiency Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Water Pump Air Compressor Gear Box Squirrel Cage Motor

YE2 YE3(IE2 IE3) Higher efficiency motor
IE2 IE3 high efficiency asynchronous ac electric Three phase Induction h2o pump air compressor equipment box squirrel cage motor


Merchandise Description

Feature and usage


YX3 series substantial efficiency three period motors is higher performance energy-preserving motor.Effectiveness index of motor reachedGB186~13 0571 88828 13858117778’middle-small motor performance limited worth and performance grade’grade 2 effectiveness common,in accordance to IE2/EFF1 performance index of IEC regular.Our manufacturing advance in domestic and arrived at advanced degree in intercontinental.We are on best of the identify checklist that can get the CHINA certification for strength conservation solution.

YX3 sequence three period electric powered motors have a great deal of positive aspects such as high efficiency, strength saving, large starting up torque, superb overall performance, lower sounds, reduced vibration, substantial trustworthiness, easy procedure & servicing and so forth. While the mounting dimension and rated output electrical power of YX3 sequence electrical motors are in conformity with IEC normal. 

YX3 Sequence motors are commonly utilised as travel mechanism of a variety of machineries, these kinds of as pumps, compressors, machining equipments, transportation technique, agricultural system, and meals processing mechanism and many others. Its running circumstances are the exact same as Y2 collection 3 section electric motors.

Design Rationalization

Composition Description
YX3 collection ac induction motor mounting specifics:

Schematic diagram        
mounting kind B3 B35 B5 V1
mounting Discribtion body with toes,conclude-defend CZPT flange frame with ft,end-shield with flange body CZPT toes,finish-shield with flange frame CZPT toes,end-shield with flange
Ideal body H63-355 H63-355 H63-280 H180-355

YX3 collection motors are totally enclosed supporter cold(TEFC). bearing variety

Horizontal vertical
motor body DE aspect N-DE aspect DE facet N-DE aspect
sixty three 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2
seventy one 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2
eighty 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2
ninety 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2
a hundred 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2
112 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2
132 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2
160 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2
180 6211/Z2 6211/Z2 6211/Z2 6211/Z2
200 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2
225(2P) 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2
225(four-8P) 6313/Z2 6212/Z2 6313/Z2 6312/Z2
250(2P) 6313/Z2/Z2 6313/Z1 6313/Z2 6313/Z1
250(four-8P) 6314/Z1 6213/Z1 6314/Z1 6313/Z1
280(2P) 6314/Z1 6313/Z1 6314/Z1 6313/Z1
280(4P) 6317/Z1 6313/Z1 6317/Z1 6313/Z1
315(2P) 6317/Z1 6317/Z1 6317/Z1 6317/Z1
315(four-8P) NU319 6319/Z1 NU319 6319/Z1
355(2P) 6319/Z1 6319/Z1 6319/Z1 6319/Z1
355(4-8P) NU322 6322/Z1 NU322/Z1 6322/Z1



Motor Performance


Electrical power range:.12-315KW

Rated Voltage: 380V 400V 440V 690V

Speed3000rpm 1500rpm 1000rpm 750rpm 600rpm

Protection Course: IP55

Ambient Temperature: -15°C~40°C

Altitude: not exceed one thousand Meter

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Insulation Class: F

Temprature rise: B

Functioning Duty: S1(Ongoing)

Connection: CZPT-connection for up to 3kW Delta-connection for 4kW and earlier mentioned

Company Profile


Manufacturing Approach

Manufacturing software


Packaging & Shipping



Following Sales Service


WE ARE Prepared


Q: Do you supply OEM support?

A: Sure.


Q: What is your payment phrase?

A: 30% T/T in progress, 70% before delivery. Or irrevocable L/C.


Q: What is your direct time?

A: About 10-45 days soon after receiving deposit or original L/C.


Q: What certifiicate do you have?

A: We have CE, ISO,CCC and so on. 


WHY Select US 



  • Stamping of lamination
  • Rotor die-casting
  • Winding and inserting- both handbook and semi-automatically
  • Vacuum varnishing
  • Machining shaft, housing, stop shields, and so forth
  • Rotor balancing
  • Painting – both wet paint and powder coating
  • Motor assembly
  • Packing
  • Inspecting spare components every single processing
  • a hundred% check right after each method and ultimate test before packing. 


  • PINNXUN provides standard items to buyers.
  • PINNXUN provides regular products below customers’ manufacturers and packaging, and so forth
  • PINNXUN  R&D division develops any new products jointly with the consumers.

Ie2 Ie3 High Efficiency Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Water Pump Air Compressor Gear Box Squirrel Cage Motor