Diesel Engine Hydraulic Crawler Based Mining Drilling Rig

50m CZPT Motor Driven Crawler Dependent Mining Drilling Rig

I. CZPT Mine Drilling Rig Merchandise Description

WD-50T is a simple rig  suitable for borehole drilling in geo-building and geo-technological exploration drilling in tasks like civil building, building of railway, hydropower, highway, bridge and dam and so on. Normally, it is mostly used for:

  • Soil sampling with auger drilling.
  • Anchor drilling
  • Micro piling.
  • Geothermal drilling.
  • Main drilling with conventional coring instruments.
  • Drinking water well drilling by carbide and rotary drilling.

II. CZPT Mine Drilling Rig Major Features

This is especially usefully with hydraulic motor driven crawler chassis in the mountainous and mining pit area, ideal for virtually all the terrains in mining pit and engineering working locations.

III. CZPT Mine Drilling RigCZPT Specification

Product No. WD50M WD50T (With Crawler Chassis)
Drill Pipe Diameter 42mm 42mm
Drilling Hole Diameter 75mm 75mm
Drilling Depth 50 m 50 m
Kelly Bar Dia.=50mm / L=1m Dia.=50mm / L=1m
CZPTmmend Drill Pipe Size  0.75m   2m
Drilling Angle 90° 90°
Diesel Motor Electrical power 5.7kW/2200rpm 5.7kW/2200rpm
Proportions of Primary Machine  (L x W x H) 1400x600x1600mm (Packaged) 2000x600x2000mm (Packaged)
Overall Weight of Primary Device 300KG 800KG
The Heaviest Part of Machine 70KG 350KG
Spindle Rotary Speed 285, 570r/min 285, 570r/min
Spindle Stroke 1m 1m
Lifting Force 300KG >300KG
Feeding Force 200KG 200KG

IV. CZPT Mine Drilling Rig Photographs


Diesel Engine Hydraulic Crawler Based Mining Drilling Rig