Capacity 1 Ton 2 Ton Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg in Black Yellow Red Green

Merchandise Description

one. The damping spring does not need to have recurrent adjustment, but can actively adjust the vertical driving device according to the road condition to minimize the affect of driving device, harmony the drive of driving stability wheel, and enhance the smooth procedure performance.

2. High high quality hydraulic pump station, minimal sounds, modest vibration, excellent sealing.

three. The anti-skid braking operate prevents the auto from slipping when it is out of manage or driving on a slope.

four. ACdrive method, stepless drive, protection, silent, crisis reverse device/crisis brake switch.

5. Multi-perform manage, integrated control (acceleration, horn, unexpected emergency route, lift button), gentleman-machine style and procedure more relaxed.

Principal Functions
one. multi-purpose operation platform

2. Collapsible stage

three. Safety wing

4. Moveable electricity plug massive potential battery

five. CZPT harmony wheel design and style

six. Apply to one deck pallet

CZPT Parameters

 (Title) (CBD)(24V)
(Operation Type) (Standing Type)
 (Model No.)   CBD20 CBD25 CBD30
(Power Type)   (Full CZPT)
(Load Capacity) kg 2000 2500 3000
(Max.Lifting Height) H(mm) 200 200 200
(Load Center) C(mm) 600
(Wheel Type)   (Polyurethane solid tire)
(Fork Size) mm 1200*a hundred seventy five 1200*a hundred seventy five 1200*175
(Forks Spread) mm 685/540 685/540 685/540
(Fork Clearance from the Ground) H1(mm)  85
(Overall Length Pedal Closed) L(mm) 1918 1918 1918
(Overall Width) S(mm) 780 780 780
(Turning Radius When Pedal Folded) Wa(mm) 1760 1760 1760
  (The Distance from Wheel Front to Fork End) mm 180
(a thousand*1200)mm  (Correct-angled Aisle Width 1000*1200 pallet) 1200,200           (Placed along the fork, Clearance 200) 2490 
(800*1200)mm   ( Right-angled Aisle Width 800*1200 pallet) 1200,200           (Placed along the fork, Clearance 200) 2398 
(Max.Walking Speed) Km/h four~5
(Grade Ability) % 8/10 8/10 6/8
(Total Weight) kg ~715 ~715 ~715
(Drive Wheel) mm Ø230*seventy five
(Wheel Front) mm Ø80×80 Ø80×80 Ø80×80
(Balance Wheel) mm Ø125×50 Ø125×50 Ø125×50
(Battery capacity) V/Ah 24/210 24/210 24/210
(Charger) V/A 24/thirty 24/thirty 24/30
(Driving Motor) Kw one.five one.five 1.five
(Lifting Motor) Kw .eight .eight .eight
(Brake)   (Electromagnetic)
(Drive Controlling Type)   AC
(Walking Adjustable Type)   (Holzer type accelerator)

Capacity 1 Ton 2 Ton Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg in Black Yellow Red Green