6W~140W 220V Single Phase AC Brake Motor

140W 104mm AC Brake Motor
We create the electrical power off activated variety. Exerting the voltage on the winding, it will magnetize the armature pressed by the spring. The motor will be in a phase of rotating, when there is a backlash in between the armature and brake rim. As soon as the winding voltage is cut down, underneath the impact of spring, the armature presses the brake rim, which will generate a brake force. Then the motor gets to a quit.


Be aware:

Motor voltage, electricity and speed will be CZPT according to your request beneath the authorized circumstance of adoptable dimension.

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  • Historical past:  Greensky Mechanical was started in 2012 with buying of a fifteen calendar year previous cooperative factory in ZHangCZPTg Province. Greensky Energy brought new management idea to the new joint business and enhance the good quality of the motors as Greensky Power only supplies ideal top quality and best services to the society. 
  • Introduce: Greensky Mechanical Co., ltd is a subsidiary organization of Greensky Power which is creating micro AC and DC equipment motor, tiny AC equipment motor, precision planetary gearbox for servo motor, and it has capability to layout and produce the micro motor, CZPT motor and precision gearbox, motor controller with higher top quality.
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Guide Wire Kind Rating Output energy
CZPTting Torque
Rated Torque
Rated Velocity
Pinion Shaft Round Shaft
6RK140GU-AM 6RK140A-AM 30min a hundred and forty 1ph100 fifty two.7 700 1080 1250 35.
60 3. 870 1550
6RK140GU-EM 6RK140A-EM 30min 140 1ph110 60 one.80 seven-hundred 850 1550 25
1ph120 1.ninety five
6RK140GU-CM 6RK140A-CM 30min 140 1ph220 fifty 1.05 850 1040 1250 ten.
1ph230 1.fifteen
6RK140GU-HM 6RK140A-HM 30min 140 1ph220 60 1.05 750 850 1550
1ph230 1.15
6RK140GU-SM 6RK140A-SM Cont one hundred forty 3ph220 50 .eighty five 2700 1080 1250
sixty .seventy five 2200 870 1550

6W~140W 220V Single Phase AC Brake Motor